<aside> 💡 I've been daily driving a MacBook since 2019. Over the years I've found some very useful tips. This article serves as a reference for myself, and a recommendation to you as well.



Tweaking these settings in macOS makes it work better.

Enable three-finger drag

Turn on three finger drag for your Mac trackpad

This is something I cannot live without on a Mac.

Just follow the steps in the support article, and it will save you from using any force on the trackpad while dragging.

Many thanks to my friend Leo for sharing this with me the first day I got my MacBook.

Type to Siri

Change Siri preferences for accessibility on Mac

Talking to Siri on your phone is already dumb enough. When you have a keyboard in front of you, you really shouldn't speak to your computer, no, not even at home.

Follow the steps in the article to setup, then hold ⌘-Space to type to Siri.

Note that Siri may still give you voice feedback, to disable that, follow instructions here.

Two thing Siri is useful for are scheduling events and setting reminders using natural language.


macOS is not perfect, in fact, it's far from it. So these tools helps a lot.


Free, with premium package for £29

Alfred - Productivity App for macOS