[Workaround] Wear OS Only Syncs The Default Calendar


If you are using a Wear OS watch paired with an iPhone, you may come across with this issue: If you set the watch to sync your Google calendar, the Agenda app on the watch may only show the events on your default calendar. This happens when you have multiple calendars in your Google Calendar account.

It’s an annoying bug but I’ve found a workaround: Let the Apple Calendar get your events from google and then for your watch, sync with the Apple Calendar instead.

And here are the steps:

  • First go to iPhone Settings app – Passwords & Accounts, and make sure you’ve added your Google Account and turn its “Calendars” on.
  • Then go back to your Wear OS app – Calendar, and choose Apple Calendar for syncing.

This workaround works perfectly for me, so let me know your result and hopefully it helps everyone with the same issue.

Note: I first post the workaround here on the Wear OS community.

Wear OS手表只同步Google日历中的默认日历——解决方法:

如果你将一块Wear OS手表与iPhone配对,你可能会遇到这样的问题:虽然在App中设置为同步整个Google账户的日历,但只有默认日历中的日程被同步到手表上。这对于在Google Calendar中使用多个日历管理日程的人来说是一个十分恼人的bug,但我找到了一个很好的解决方法:使用Apple日历获取你的Google日历日程,然后设置手表同步Apple日历。


  • 在iPhone的设置密码和账户中,确保你已添加Google账户并将其”日历“勾选
  • 打开Wear OS app,在日历设置中设置为同步Apple日历即可。


注: 我还将此解决方法发布到了Wear OS community,你可以在此查看。

BTW, comments are always appreciated:)