Where is technology leading us?

Recommended by Lanny, recently I watched several episodes of Black Mirror, a British TV show focusing on how future technologies may influence on us. It’s kind of realistic because most of the problems occurred in the show already exist or bud in our life. Although some of them seems hilarious and funny, they are not that impossible in the near future. I haven’t finished watching the whole 3 seasons but I already have something to put down in case I’d forgot it.

I was asked a question when discussing this show with Sarah,” Is what we saw in Black Mirror gonna be the future that technology leads us to?” Well, after watching the show I am not quite that sure what my answer is, not than before.

But this leads us to another problem, that unlike “politics in the US”, technologies usually get developed or upgraded before being proved safe and secure, and thanks to advanced technologies like the internet, it only takes few minutes to change how things goes on in the modern society. So maybe just like the show indicates, problems may raise up more quickly, than ever before, as the technology improves itself. Those problems can also cause larger damage to our lives , than ever before. And that is, in my view, what the director want to tell people through this show.

So where will technology lead us? To be honest I have only started thinking of it carefully after watching the show. I certainly want to witness how technology, the most advanced area human beings have worked on, help people live a better life and build a better planet, but it is also very important that we use the power we give to ourselves carefully. There is a  Chinese saying on the internet,” no zuo, no die”, one won’t die unless he tries to, so maybe I will think more about it next time I meet another tech breakthrough and try to get it applied to my life.

But, it would be better if developers think it twice before putting potential dangerous into public use, although it’s nearly impossible.

However, who is the bad guy? The guy who develops technology, or the guy who put it into bad use? Is the developer really responsible for what he developed?

BTW, comments are always appreciated:)