Problems with the update to Windows 10 version 1703

You may probably remember the annoying blue screen that happened when I  first updated to Windows 10 Anniversary Update , so after that I choose the defer feature updates option just to make sure that sort of experience never happen again. Well, I am probably wrong again. (I used to believe once enough time is given Microsoft will deliver a stable new version of Windows without so many bugs. How naive I  was!)

Things begin with the notification last night which asked me “Windows 10 Creators Update is ready to install  would you like to restart to proceed?”, and when I chose restart to proceed it just did nothing but restarted my laptop, without any reason, after a few more tries, I began to realize that maybe this update may consume a lot of power, so I connected to the adapter and then tried again, this time it worked. I wonder why Microsoft didn’t give any instructions about this.

Then things got weird. After some self-restarts the language displayed on the screen changed from English to Chinese!(I am using Windows 10 Pro English with Chinese language pack installed), I don’t know if this is because the windows update download the Chinese version update just because I am in China or something else. And the language display mess just got started. After reboot the BitLocker startup screen changed to chinese, and the welcome screen displayed “欢迎” instead of Welcome, but after logging into the system everything seems to be English as usual, but the notification of windows defender was in Chinese, even though the UI was totally English! What a mess!

iTunes doesn’t work any more after the update, so I have to install again, hopefully I won’t lose any data.

(Update: reinstall and/or repair doesn’t work. I don’t know why, still trying to work out)

(Update: had to uninstall and then reinstall to fix the problem)

Battery life is fine, and no more draining battery when sleeping, actually I can not sense many changes, maybe because I barely use Microsoft Edge.

BTW, I don’t find the Lunar calendar feature very useful.


  1. defer feature update is gone, Current Brunch for Business comes instead.
  2. Windows defender security center is annoyingly staying in my taskbar.
  3. Dynamic Lock is just unavailable for me and I don’t know why.
BTW, comments are always appreciated:)