Oxygen OS 4.5.0: Better Font.

Yesterday I got the Oxygen OS 4.5 update on my OnePlus 3, and these are my thoughts:

  • New font! I just love the new OnePlus Slate Font!
  • New lift up display. The old proximity wake method is gone and replaced by this new lift up display just like what it is in iOS. But I don’t like the way new notification displays when the screen is off.
  • Camera shortcut logic change: When the screen is on, double tap the power button now launch the default camera app (in my case the Google Camera app) rather than first lock the screen and then open the lock screen camera (which sucks!).
  • Minor UI change: The new Phone app looks more material now and icon change of the settings app. Also few UI changes in the recorder app and the settings app.
  • System Color change (?) I spotted that the background of the quick toggle area got darker? Is it just me?

As a OnePlus 3 owner I am glad to see OnePlus continues to give OTA updates to their older flagship (and at a monthly rate, liked it!), although it would be better if OnePlus could consider giving their phones the latest Android security patch with the OTA update.

BTW, comments are always appreciated:)