Deadline Trap

Deadline trap is a concept that Leo and I brought to discussion the other day. Basically it is the situation where one don’t do anything until near the deadline, but do something more comfortable instead(i.e., watching TV shows or gaming), this is extremely common among university students, but among other general public as well.

There is probably another official concept for this, but I will just use this one for now just for better understanding.

One obvious problem with deadline trap is nothing is started until near the deadline, so the relatively low quality of complete is pretty much guaranteed.

But that’s actually not the main effect of deadline trap. The problem is, in this situation, one will hardly ever do something meaningful other than finishing the task right before the deadline. When life is all about deadlines, we really don’t pay much attention to those without a deadline.

And this is exactly what every single day in my past year is about.

BTW, comments are always appreciated:)