Believe in data.

Never mind, can’t accomplish.

Remember that selfie that you took the time when you first got hands on your new smartphone? Remember who is absent in last year’s graduate ceremony? Thanks to Google Photos, I can now browse any photo I took before on any device. In addition to that, the unlimited storage and the facial recognition helps me a lot when introducing someone to a friend, just like what I did yesterday with Carey.

So here comes the question, now that we can save photos forever, can I save daily events forever?

For now, I am using Google Calendar to manage planned or scheduled events, but sometimes when the day went against the plan, or when I just want to review the past day or week but only to see some planned events with some of which didn’t even happen, isn’t it better to record the daily events on my calendar?

So starting today, I’m going to record my everyday events on my calendar, so that I can have a better way to review the day or week and, therefore, improve my life efficiency.

BTW, comments are always appreciated:)