May 2017 – Tony's Blog || 托尼有话说

Believe in data.

Never mind, can’t accomplish. Remember that selfie that you took the time when you first got hands on your new smartphone? Remember who is absent in last year’s graduate ceremony? Thanks to Google Photos, I can now browse any photo I took before on any device. In addition to that,

A brand new start.

A brand new start. 能学自己喜欢的专业做自己喜欢的事,真是人生一大幸事!有段话这样说:“在我看来,世界上只有一种成功,叫做按自己的意愿生活。如果经营得当,在走向想要的生活的路上,碰到功名利禄加身,那是生活的馈赠,小心收好便是。如果没有,亦不曾亏得什么,生活的每一天已然是想要的模样,不够吗?”