Hello, 2017!

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016, but before that, I want to have a quick review of what I have done in the past year.

I am lucky to be admitted to Sichuan University and I’m proud of it. I’d like to give thanks to my parents, my teachers and my schoolmates. Those days were tough, but we made it together. You guys are all great friends that I will always remember. I want to specially mention my friend Leo and Jin Xu for your accompany. Also thanks to V.S.F.L who introduce Coldplay to me. I have to say, Coldplay is all around my ear those days.

And all things after September happened in Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan. This is really a GREAT university among thousands of universities in China, where I met my classmates from across the country. I found myself more independent (but still not financially lol), and that I can do so many things myself. Probably this will make my parents proud. However, as always, not everything is smooth and easy, there are something that is pretty hard to deal with, my maths ain’t good, for example, and that is something that I don’t want to face, but I will keep trying in 2017. In the term after the Chinese New Year, my schedule will be full of courses, so good luck with me on that one.

Academic stuff aside, I’ve already made some friends here in Chengdu. My best friend here, Vincent and Jiawen Qi, however, are both from Beijing, ironically. I haven’t found any techy guys here, like my friends at theBitLens, perhaps it is because I am in the business school, but as always, I will keep finding. BTW I am still single, with so many couples around me I am somehow not very used to. Will I get a girlfriend in 2017? Maybe I will leave the question to answer in my Hello 2018.

And not it’s time to plan for the next year.

As I mentioned already, there will be even more academic pressure the next term, so I’d better get ready in the 6-week winter holiday. Turns out, it’s important to get every score as high as possible so that I will have a satisfying GPA as a good proof of ability when applying for colleges abroad in the future. I still have no clear view on my major, and it’s something that I will have to find out in hurry as I have to make the decision upon whether to change my major or not. Another thing is that I have planned to get prepared for TOEFL tests, so wish me luck(definitely a hard one though).

One thing that I lack right now is the ability to keep focus on something that is not very interesting. I often find myself watching Youtube videos or wandering on the internet(no capitals from now on!) for so long. Trying to focus, sounds like a lifetime goal haha.

I’m still trying to find out how to operate theBitLens, and I will keep discussing it with Leo.

I guess in 2017 I will keep updating the website, more frequently, no matter how few people will visit. This is my site and I will just keep writing down my thoughts. Fewer and fewer people have blogs nowadays, but I will keep doing it, maybe just for myself.

That’s probably all, wish everybody a good luck in their 2017.

Oh, I have toggled a little with the font and the accent color, hope you liked it.

Such a CEE-ish article lol.

Tony1ee out.


BTW, comments are always appreciated:)