My new Hyperblack Titanium dbrand for my XPS 13, OnePlus 3 and my Xbox One controller has arrived (special thanks to Leo), but I think I will keep it untouched until August or September. 0

I am going to do these following study things during the holiday: Prepare for TOEFL Relearn Calculus I Preview Calculus II That’s all for now and I’ll keep updating the […]

Just found my family members may be somehow racist. 0

Holiday begins! Getting ready to have a wonderful holiday. 0

There is nothing like the iTunes Mini Player that displays so elegant and convenient. 0

iTunes is really a cpu killer when playing music in the background. 0

No worries, it’s just Principles of Management. There are Calculus and Linear Algebra coming tomorrow which will truly make you worried. 🙁 0

Preparing for tests is really tiring. I think I just caught a cold. 0

I can imagine how CCTV covers CES2017 without opening my eyes. 0

Every time I went by the printing shop and saw tons of  thousands of learning materials put on the shelf, I wondered, were these papers really knowledge? 0